The twelve images of the iconic New York Harbor collection are available as limited edition lithographs, with only 380 set of 12 having been produced. This collection of twelve paintings came about by happenstance, while the artist was living aboard a boat in New York Harbour in the 1950’s. It was impossible for him to be surrounded by the hustle and bustle of one of the busiest ports in the world without being drawn in by it. Gray came to know the harbour well with the help of its workers, be it tugboat men, pilots or dockworkers. They gave him access and an understanding of the harbour that greatly enhanced his observations. These waterfront images provide a snapshot in time of a landscape and way of life that has greatly changed since the 1950’s.


Ambrose Lightship 23 1/2
Many boats alongside the large ship named Gripsholm, welcoming her to New York on her maiden voyage
a variety of vessels, including a ship and a tugboat at the old Chelsea Docks
Brooklyn Navy Yard 26 1/4
A view of New York Harbour with the Brooklyn Bridge in the foreground and the New York skyline in the background
two fishing boats tied up at the dock
Boats, including a large liner traveling along the North River. Buildings and docks in the foreground
A winter scene; cars traveling along the road; barge traffic traveling along the Harlem River
Boat traffic in the Lower Hudson river. Railway lines along one side of the river and tall buildings on the other side
Spyten Duyvil 23
men working under the Tappan Zee bridge, along the waterfront
two tugboats tied up at the dock in the winter

Ambrose Lightship 23 1/2"x 36"

For many years the red Ambrose Lightship was a familiar sight to trans-Atlantic passengers. She has been replaced by a Texas tower-type light station.

Maiden Voyage (The Swedish-American liner Gripsholm) 23 1/2"x 36"

This lively portrait of the latest of two famous vessels by this name shows the old traditional welcome extended a ship completing her maiden voygage by tugs and fireboats shooting water streams. the Statue of Liberty looms in the background.

Old Chelsea Docks 26"x 36"

This section of the old New York waterfront near 20th Street had an unsavoury reputation for crime and gang warfare. Dock workers referred to it as "the Pistol Locals."

Brooklyn Navy Yard 26 1/4"x 36"

Sketches for this highly detailed painting of a bygone landmark were done from the decaying flight deck of Admiral Bull Halsey's famed carrier "Enterprise."

East River and Brooklyn Bridge 23 1/4"x 36"

The docks in the foreground have been replaced with new piers and the skyline has been all but completely obliterated by new buildings

Fulton Fish Market 26"x 36"

The old market below the Brooklyn Bridge is being relocated in Brooklyn. Intriguing confusion came from the closeness of boats large and small, the cries of gulls and the shouts of hawkers.

North River 23 1/2"x 36"

North River, with a Cunard liner coming up the Hudson in mid-stream. The Jersey shore, now overgrown with buildings, is opposite.

Harlem River 36"x 24"

A busy stream for barge traffic, the Harlem is shown from Fordham Heights. The Major Deegan Expressway to Manhattan had been opened officially just before the artist arrived with sketchpads in an outboard

New Jersey Terminals 26 1/4"x 36"

In this Lower Hudson River scene, more than 100 railway lines could be seen converging by an artist fascinated with movement. The Hackensack River and the Pulaski Skyway are in the distance.

Spyten Duyvil 23"x36"

Here the Harlem River meets the Hudson. An Indian reservation once occupied the mound in the center. Grant's Tomb can be described in the background. So can George Washington Bridge. This area has been almost completely built up.

Tappan Zee Bridge 23 3/4"x 36"

This scene near Ossining depicts a famed crossing of the Hudson just after the New York State Throughway had been completed. Construction equipment is still at the sight.

Snowfall, The Battery 23 1/2" x 36"

Two tugs frosted with snow and ice make picteresque subjects in Lower Manhattan. The docks are being demolished, and the old Seamen's Church Institute, in the background, has been replaced with its new "skyscraper."

Ambrose Lightship 23 1/2
Maiden Voyage (The Swedish-American liner Gripsholm) 23 1/2
Old Chelsea Docks 26
Brooklyn Navy Yard 26 1/4
East River and Brooklyn Bridge 23 1/4
Fulton Fish Market 26
North River 23 1/2
Harlem River 36
New Jersey Terminals 26 1/4
Spyten Duyvil 23
Tappan Zee Bridge                   23 3/4
Snowfall, The Battery 23 1/2